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Welcome To The Old Cobbled Yard

redrumgingerbeach.jpgThe Old Cobbled Yard
Welcome to the Old Cobbled Yard, we have nothing to do with Cobbles or Yards unless we are talking aboutRacing Yards or Load of Cobblers!

Why the site is called ‘The Old Cobbled Yard’ is due to me having worked for the Legendary Racehorse Trainer ‘Ginger McCain’ who trained Triple Grand National Winner Red Rum. Before Ginger moved to Cholmondeley in Cheshire and handed over the reins to his son Donald, he used to train horses in Southport on the beach and the stables were set in an Old Brewery Yard which just happened to be Cobbled, (or at least it was until some Irish woman decided to concrete it while the owners were away) – hence ‘The Old Cobbled Yard.

Quiet an appropriate name for a site which follows a Racing Yard and also contains a load of random stuff which could well appear as a load of Cobblers.

So what is this site all about? Having looked after Red Rum it is only right to dedicate a few pages to him. While on the subject of horses, I will try and keep the site up to date with the goings on at Bankhouse Stables, the home to Top Northern Trainer Donald McCain, obviously that interest stems from having worked for his Father.

The Old Cobbled Yard - here you can read about other horses some that have hit the jackpot and some that haven't, but they have left hoof prints within my heart.

I have tried to put the pages under the appropriate grey signs but you never know a few may have been misdirected while traveling through space and landed in the wrong place. If something is amiss and you feel that I should correct it, Please Let Me Know . Thank You.

It's A Beagle Thing - well this will introduce you to my best friend Toby, who just happens to be a Beagle. Folk From Southport is about some celebrities or well-known, that come from my hometown. The rest of the stuff is random but someone may find it useful.

Donald McCainDonald and Team McCain
Bankhouse Stables is set in the beautiful surroundings of Cholmondeley Castle Estate, in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, and is where Team McCain resides.

From this location we have seen Grand National Winners come and go, along with other Major Race winners.

The horses here are trained by leading Northern Trainer ‘Donald McCain’ To find out more check-out Bankhouse Stables.



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