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Simple Solution for a Donation

Amateur Photographer 

Animals, Horse Racing, Small Weddings and Events.

Amateur Web Designer

www.smartlifesefton.co.uk and www.theoldcobbledyard.co.uk

Professional Desktop Publishing

Magazines, Brochures, Leaflets, Greeting Cards etc. Acrylic Key Rings, Fridge Magnets, Coasters etc.

A Solution for a Donation

I don't actually work so I can't really earn money so I came up with A Solution for a Donation. You want something, I produce it, and if you are happy with it simply donate a quid or two which goes towards maintaining my websites and the materials that are required to produce the final product.

Amateur Photographer 

How I would like to say Professional but unfortunatly I am not. It could well have been a different matter if I decided this while at school and had learnt to drive. Some Amateurs are better than professionals, yes I am!!

Amateur Web Designer

Web Design is something I liked the idea of but didn't think I would do. Then my brother Philip, did a template for me and introduced me to Pagetutor. Indecisiveness got in the way of this being a lifetime job.

Desktop Publishing

Now this is something I am good at even if I say so myself. The same old excuse for not being a professional... Indecisiveness a word that has got in the way of me following any subject mentioned on this website.


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Other Creations

Greeting Cards
Fridge Magnets
Key Rings
Mouse Mats

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