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Welcome To The Old Cobbled Yard

The Old Cobbled Yard
Basically The Old Cobbled Yard is my place on Final Flight - a virtual National Hunt horse racing game and can be found at Here you can breed, train and race your own horses in your own colours, if you like horse racing but can't have the fun in reality give Final Flight a go and have a bit of fun in a virtual life and check out The Old Cobbled Yard.

So here at I will cover Real Horse Racing by trying to keep you up to date by following top trainer Donald McCain and also have a bit of fun with the virtual side of racing with Final Flight

There is also some random topics as at the end of the day this is just a fun hobby thing that I enjoy doing and it keeps me out of mischief. I hope you enjoy your visit and who knows you might learn some useless info, but it could come in useful in a quiz - for instance - do you know what Robin Hoods Horse was called?

About Mischiefblue
Mischiefblue originates from Mischief - (my cats name at the time) and Blue - which is my favourite colour. I live in Southport and used to work for Ginger McCain and had the great pleasure of looking after one of the greatest racehorses ever. Read More

With having an interest in Desktop Publishing and often wondering about how to do websites my brother came to my rescue and boosted my confidence in giving it a go. I was able to obtain the domain and have had a few goes with trying to produce a decent website. Hopefully I might just reach that point by 2020. With lots of ideas about what to do I have totally blown my brain to bits so to get things started I have decided to stick with the subject that I know most about and that is Thoroughbred Horse Racing. Eventually leading onto my other interest and hobbies that include: Beagles, Mental Health and Addictions, Photography and producing a source of support to people in recovery through my publication The Soso at

Donald McCain
Donald started his career as a jockey and rode 40 winners he went on to work and do Donald McCain his training with top trainers Luca Cumani and Sir Michael Stoute.

After doing sometime as Assistant Trainer to Oliver Sherwood Donald returned to Bankhouse Stables which is set in the beautiful surroundings of Cholmondeley Castle Estate, in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, to take over the reins from his father in 2006.

He started with over 40 winners in his first year and has shown an increase in winners every year. Donald completed 2010-11 season by hitting the 100 winners mark as well as achieving a memorable Grand National win with Ballabriggs.

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